Friday, January 6, 2012

steambot bbq

 wuuuuu kemereeee :)
I think we are tooo cute for camera.

you can see me gemuk. tangan pun gedabak besaq

muka suok suci

heyyy I makan steambot bbq. rm 10 per person
ayor bayor asing.
bebaloi baloi-Rusni SEARCH



# to Mohd Haidar, thank you sebab treated me today. I really appreciate it. And I takkan lupa apa yang jadi dekat Gate A and Gate B. bolos saja noh. tengok strettt ja.tak kaleh kat mak guard dah. taakut kena tahan punya pasai kan. hihi. hilarious moment that I never forget. btw dear Haidar, do not ever ever forget your PROMISE! I love you <3

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